10 April 2017

THE booth at World of Furniture

This year, during World of Furniture and Technomebel (24-28 April) ,there will be held THE booth - the first contest among exhibitors to present the best booth. Organizers of the initiative are Inter Expo Center and the Branch Chamber of Woodworking.. show more »

03 April 2017

Furniture with character by MOBILA DALIN

Anyone who has to select furniture for his home, hotel or restaurant, knows he should do it after a careful selection. Because it is important to keep a good balance between our pretentions and our taste, between functionality and practicality of.. show more »

31 March 2017

Stylish, beautiful, breathless - BORA SYSTEMS, presented by Ligna Group

Beautiful, stylish, elegant, efficient ... It will immerse you into the world of cooking. It is the innovative system of BORA SYSTEMS and will be presented by LIGNA Group and LIGNA Design at World of Furniture 2017 „in an unconventional.. show more »

30 March 2017

Let us design our decorative pillows in the workshop "Imprint"

Home accessories are one of the most important finishing touches to the overall depiction of a cozy and original interior. This edition of World of Furniture and Technomebel will be accompanied by plenty of skills, smiles and beautiful workings,.. show more »

30 March 2017

The elegant proposal for a beautiful bedroom - "Linea"

One of the most important decisions you need to take about your home is how to furnish your bedroom because this should be a room that creates the maximum sense of comfort and suggests relax. The creation of the appropriate environment and choosing.. show more »

29 March 2017

19 Bulgarian companies will receive EU funding

A total of 19 Bulgarian companies will be funded for their participation in the exhibition World of Furniture 2017. The funds are provided by the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME) under Project №.. show more »

29 March 2017

Bibtex with a premiere of its collection of upholstery fabrics 2017

The exhibition World of Furniture will be the first national event, where the company "Bibteks" will present his new collection of upholstery fabrics. From 24 to 28 April visitors will learn about the innovative proposals, which premiered.. show more »

28 March 2017

Solid and stylish - the tables by "Horos GK"

Solid, stylish and modern. These three words can describe the furniture of the company "Horos GK“. The company, which will be among the exhibitors at World of Furniture, focuses on its top product - a dining table made of oak.. show more »

23 March 2017

"AntiSlide" prevents slipping

We need mats and warning notices more than ever when it comes to pools, hotels and entrance halls, because they are littered with slippery surfaces. During World of Furniture PS-Bulgaria Lux will showcase its proposal, leaving in the past the.. show more »

22 March 2017

FEYDOM presents innovative system CHOICE for upholstered furniture

Under the motto "Created by designers for the designer within all of us", FEYDOM will present at the exhibition World of Furniture its newest combination for upholstered furniture - CHOICE. A wide range of modular elements, berths,.. show more »