Bulgaria Sofia, 6 Andrei Germanov Str.
A 18; A 2

ADA COLOR OOD is among the leading retailers and wholesalers of construction materials in Bulgaria. The company is an exclusive representative of several world-famous manufacturers of homebuilding and renovation products for the country.

ADA COLOR OOD opened its first store in Plovdiv 22 years ago, followed by nine more in the towns of Shumen, Haskovo, Troyan, Kardzhali, Russe and Sofia. Customers can create and renovate the home of their dreams by choosing from a wide range of products at affordable prices by well-known manufacturers, such as: Betek Boya A.Ş., Banja Komerc Bekament, SpStar Plastik, ODE Yalıtım, Fernas Alçı San. Tic. A.Ş. in different categories: construction materials, WC and bathroom, faience, terracotta, etc.

Our company’s main goal is to fulfill our customers’ requirements at the highest level by determining and analyzing their needs. We will continue to collaborate with our suppliers for continuous improvement of service quality. You can visit our stores in:

Sofia, 6 Andrey Germanov Str., GSM: 098 666 3053

Plovdiv, 176 Brezovsko Shosse Str., phone/fax: 032/94 04 57

Russe, 40 Nikolaevska Str., GSM: 089 666 3046

Kardzhali, 1 Klokotnitsa Str., GSM: 0895 750 749

Troyan, 49 Makedonia Str., GSM: 089 6669079

Haskovo, 111 Osvobojdenie Blvd., GSM: 089 666 3051

Shumen, 185 Rishki Prohod Blvd., GSM: 089 339 2667


032/94 0457
0896 663 054