CAPPAC Bulgaria

Bulgaria 4000 Plovdiv 133 Brezovsko shose Str., floor 2 Trade Center NOVA
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CAPPAC BULGARIA is an official representative as well as an exclusive importer of the extensive collection of furniture manufacturing commodities - a work of the well-known Turkish CAPPAC Holding Company. Far back in 1965 CAPPAC was founded in Turkey as a small company, but then in 1991 it developed into a big factory which turned to be one of the market leaders and is constantly diversifying and improving its production. In 2014 the company established its first ever exclusive representative in the country - Cappac Bulgaria, and opened the first store of the brand, based in the city of Plovdiv.

We offer our customers a rich variety of high-quality furniture doors of diverse material (vacuum membrane press, acrylic, post-forming, laminated), furniture fittings, along with all types of furniture related accessories, bathroom cabinets, built-in appliances, screws, silicone, different types of glue etc.

We offer also interior solutions as well as individual project planning and 3D-visualisations.


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