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The Secondary Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering  is located in the central part of Sliven. The school is founded on 15.09.1959. 59 years ago the school started with confidence its way of professional education.

442 students are educated. They are divided into 21 classes. Pedagogical staff consists of 43 teachers. In our school there is also a part-time training.

  It is the only vocational school in Sliven district, which made entry and professional education in 5 professional directions – Autoransport techniques, Lifting equipment installed on road transport vehicles, Аutomobile mechatronics, Mechatronics and Carpentry.

Autoransport techniques

PROFESSIONAL: Technician in transport engineering

In this specialty students receive fundamental knowledge in general education and specific training related to the ability to design, maintenance, repair and operation of internal combustion engines and cars.

With this knowledge, they will respond to the needs of road transport, which offers us cars, gathered in its design as a focus of all the excellence from perfect mechanics to the onboard computer.

The graduate will be able to:

  • perform diagnostics and control mechanisms and systems of the car;
  • organizes, controls and performs maintenance and repair of the engine and the vehicle;
  • performs tests and makes adjustment of the basic units and systems of internal combustion engine and the car;

Lifting equipment installed on road transport vehicles

The main objective of the training is to acquire professional competencies for safe maintenance, repair and operation of lifting equipment necessary for the realization of the trainees in the field of construction (civil, road), transport, energy, forestry, trade and etc.

Opportunities for professional realization both in the directions "Transport" and "Construction", as well as in other branches of the economy - trade, services, agriculture and forestry, etc.

They can work in the positions (occupations) of the National Classification of Occupations and Positions (NCPD, 2006):

Mechanicians and fitters of vehicles

Cars drivers, taxis and covered cars (wagons)

Heavy truck drivers

Crane operators, lifting operators and related workers

Drivers and operators of open cargo platforms with lifting devices (wagons)

Аutomobile mechatronics

Profession: "Technician in Transportation Engineering"

Science MECHATRONIC / Mechanics, Electronics and Informatics / includes the following components: 1. Mechanical systems, 2. Electronic systems, 3. Information systems.

Automotive mechatronics is an increasingly widespread specialty.

Vocational training in Automotive Mechatronics includes: Electrical engineering and electronics, Automation, Hydraulic and pneumatic devices in the transport equipment, Information technologies in the profession, Internal combustion engines, Autotransport equipment, Operation of the transport equipment, Electronic systems in the transport equipment, Fundamentals Mechatronics, Elements and mechanisms of mechatronic systems, Electrical equipment of automobile equipment, Diagnostics of road transport machinery and equipment diagnostics of mechatronic systems.

These specialists are among the most sought-after professionals in the automotive industry. They can work with computer equipment, technical systems, aggregates, machines and complexes of various purposes, containing mechatronic modules, to construct robots and robot-technical systems both for industrial and non-industrial purposes, to perform technical diagnostics of machines, appliances and apparatus in the car, to advise and control the quality of the car.


During his training the carpenter: works with a computer; knows CAD systems and relies on CAD drawings; мanages professional terminology in a foreign language; participates in the management and organization of production in the enterprise; can continue his / her training in the "Company Manager" profession for acquiring a fourth degree of professional qualification‘

Graduates acquire knowledge and skills for: Design and furniture design; Working with furniture manufacturing machines; Implementation of technological operations; Replacing and sharpening cutting tools; Technology development; Preparation and reading of design documentation of furniture products;Preparation of cost-normative and economic technical documentation.

Our school takes part of a project, which is implemented within the framework of the Thematic Fund “Swiss Support for the introduction of the Dual-track principles in Bulgaria Vocational Education system” is oriented to the implementation of the principles of dual education in existing partnerships between the Secondary Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering and partner companies in the Sliven. The idea for this project originated on the basis of the willingness from the leading companies in Sliven to provide students from the Secondary Vocational School of Mechanical Engineering to train them on real jobs and conducting training and manufacturing practice in profession Mechanical technician, specialty machines and CNC system and Carpentry.  This form of vocational education and training combines training in a real working environment under the guidance of mentor through employment in the company and training and education in vocational school, vocational high school, college or vocational training center at the request of the employer. The financing of training from the individuals and / or entities are ensured by a contract between the parties.


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35944667601/ 044 667214