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The only way to achieve something different is to be different.

Allocacoc is a one-of-a-kind industrial design company. The company’s motto is “a different standard”. We make widely used and established products more beautiful and functional while keeping their prices competitive with those of traditional products.

Only when these two criteria are met – functionality and affordability – can the end-user adopt a different standard.

Allocacoc was founded in 2011. Since its creation, Аllocacoc has had a definite international focus. At present, it has 5 offices on three continents and product presence in over 80 countries.

Our portfolio spans innovative extension cords, modules and accessories, which have won a number of design awards. The products come in the series PowerCube, PowerBar, PowerExtension, PowerUSB, PowerStrip Modular, audioCube Portable and others.

Can an extension cord be beautiful, functional and fit elegantly in modern interior? Of course it can, if you choose the different standard.