Worthless stuff can be good for re-use

Do you know what's happening with worthless stuff? In most cases, the answer is - "we throw it away in the garbage ". But in fact, there is a lot of life and potential there. The real proof can be seen at World of Furniture - these are the products by Atelier Trion, which can be found in Hall 6, booth A 12.

The kitchen can be a piece of art

Mentioning kitchen, many people would associate it with the notion of "the place where we prepare food". But it can also have a spirit of its own and can be turned into one of our favorite places at home - using beautiful and innovative printed glasses. In their booth at World of Furniture 2017, Glass Studio Bulgaria offers an infinite set of ideas on how to do this.

Furniture with character by MOBILA DALIN

Anyone who has to select furniture for his home, hotel or restaurant, knows he should do it after a careful selection. Because it is important to keep a good balance between our pretentions and our taste, between functionality and practicality of the product; and to take into account the character of the furniture. Yes - furniture has character, too. You will convince yourselves of this when you visit the booth of ALPET TRADING, which presents upholstered furniture by MOBILA DALIN.

Let us design our decorative pillows in the workshop "Imprint"

Home accessories are one of the most important finishing touches to the overall depiction of a cozy and original interior. This edition of World of Furniture and Technomebel will be accompanied by plenty of skills, smiles and beautiful workings, because the visitors will have the opportunity to create their own decorative pillows for their homes. In what way? The ladies of Atelier Trion will recreate the comfort and the creative atmosphere of a small tailor shop called Workshop "Imprint". You can find it in hall 6, booth A12.

The elegant proposal for a beautiful bedroom - "Linea"

One of the most important decisions you need to take about your home is how to furnish your bedroom because this should be a room that creates the maximum sense of comfort and suggests relax. The creation of the appropriate environment and choosing the right bedroom furniture is far from being as easy as it seems at first glance. They should be made after a detailed selection and careful choice. At the exhibition World of Furniture the company MIPA will present its solution - new sleeping set "Linea".

"AntiSlide" prevents slipping

We need mats and warning notices more than ever when it comes to pools, hotels and entrance halls, because they are littered with slippery surfaces. During World of Furniture PS-Bulgaria Lux will showcase its proposal, leaving in the past the widely-used products for anti-slip warning, presenting the protective "AntiSlide".

FEYDOM presents innovative system CHOICE for upholstered furniture

Under the motto "Created by designers for the designer within all of us", FEYDOM will present at the exhibition World of Furniture its newest combination for upholstered furniture - CHOICE. A wide range of modular elements, berths, armrests, stools, cushions and more, of various sizes that can be combined according to the type of rooms and consumer needs. In time and upon changing ideas and circumstances, the compositions can change, complement, be rearranged or dressed in new colors.

MEBEL - VLADIMIR VALCHEV presents handmade ceiling and stained glass kitchen

Specialized in the design and manufacture of customized massive unconventional classic furniture, the company MEBEL - VLADIMIR VALCHEV will present its handmade illuminated interior ceiling of stained glass and a kitchen with handmade stained glass under individual art design. World of Furniture will be the place where this spring they will be exhibited for the first time in Bulgaria.