The tapestries of "CHAR" company featuring a technology for preventing contamination

Colors, comfort and style are three essential elements to create successful furniture. But the focus of every producer and consumer is the quality of the materials from which to create the products. Focusing on innovative technologies at the exhibition World of Furniture, the company "CHAR" will present the latest generation of Aqua Clean upholstery fabrics.

The innovative fabric features high strength, which makes it resistant to chemical preparations used in everyday life. This is achieved through special fibers in the fabric. Treatment with Aqua Clean fibers that cover the textile fibers with an invisible layer protects against contamination.

A characteristic feature of textiles treated with the technology is that the fabric and all kinds of stains on it can be easily cleaned with water only. Even when the stain from coffee, wine, ketchup or chemical has penetrated deep in Aqua Clean fabrics, it is cleaned completely.

Moreover, the Aqua Clean fabrics are certified by Made in Green®, making them an environmentally friendly solution for furnishings, suitable for children because of the antibacterial properties.

The company "CHARM" will present their products in Hall 4, Booth C8.