Furniture with character by MOBILA DALIN

Anyone who has to select furniture for his home, hotel or restaurant, knows he should do it after a careful selection. Because it is important to keep a good balance between our pretentions and our taste, between functionality and practicality of the product; and to take into account the character of the furniture. Yes - furniture has character, too. You will convince yourselves of this when you visit the booth of ALPET TRADING, which presents upholstered furniture by MOBILA DALIN.

This year, one of the focal points will be the comfortable corner sofa "Britania". The ability to configure it quickly and easily in different ways makes it suitable for any room; this furniture can literally follow the shape of space.

The stable seat and adjustable headrest create an extra sense of comfort. The sleep-mode mechanism has a steel structure and headrests are adjustable in six steps.

Let British design enter your home

They say furniture has a character, which is proved by the beautiful "Mandra Chesterfield". Defined as a modern interpretation of the classic British style, this sofa with modern lines and organic shape provides high quality comfort. "Mandra Chesterfield" features a robust structure made of beech plywood.

Visit booth A6 in Hall 6, where ALPET TRADING will arrange the beautiful furniture by MOBILA DALIN.