Wood comes to life with OSMO

Good surface maintenance requires the use of suitable and high-quality products. This is true for both glass and faience, and wooden flooring. Yes, wood does come to life when treated right. That is why, at Technomebel this year, PHIVEX will present the capabilities of the OSMO oil-based finishing products for wood.

OSMO finishes are developed on the basis of pure, renewable plant raw materials – oils and waxes. These include sunflower, flax, soy, thistle, carnauba and candelilla wax polish.

The company products provide maintenance for over 2018 colours. They are easy to apply and are characterized by a high degree of coverage. Thanks to the products, there is no need for primer and intermediate grinding during treatment.

PHIVEX will present the OSMO products in Hall 1, Stand D7.