RockWall Stone changes the space with 3D stone veneer siding

Space is not what it used to be. Today it is more varied than ever, full of energy, life and inspiration. RockWall Stone's 3D stone veneer siding is a proof of that. It changes space. Literally. It will be presented at the World of Furniture 2018.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of RockWall 3D – decorative relief and fretwork panels. Made in Bulgaria, they are made of different materials selected according to the individual requirements of the projects.

The company’s product portfolio also includes relief and perforated panels for curtain walls, artificial stone, and thin brick veneer, 3D panels and blocks, screens and ornaments, lamps (modern, vintage, industrial style), concrete sinks and countertops, architectural concrete, concrete fences, bean bags, advertising materials and more.

RockWall Stone's products can be found in Hall 6, Stand B8.