CNC machines for every production facility

With the penetration of computer numerical controls (CNCs) in production, more and more companies need to ease the production process. Pi 314 Ltd. will present CNC machines that will significantly optimize the work process at the Technomebel exhibition this year.

The company will present a CNC router with automatic replacement of eight linear instruments. Thanks to the servo motors, the machine is characterized by high speed and accuracy. The choice of eight different tools allows for high performance of details in different shapes without the need for reprocessing the workpieces.

The second machine which Pi 314 Ltd. will present to Technomebel visitors is a CNC router with automatic change of three tools. The product is equipped with three spindles. The tool change is done sequentially without having to use a tool magazine. The machine is suitable for equipping small and medium-sized enterprises. The affordable price allows a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses to renew and optimize their production facilities.

You can find the products that Pi 314 Ltd. offers in Hall 3, Stand A16.