The new acrylic tiles which help us increase space

The mirror acrylic tiles reproduce a mirror reflection without the use of ordinary glass. This makes them a preferred element in the furnishing of any household. Ideas, products and offers in this direction will be provided by Salex at Technomebel, hall 1, stand С7.

The mirror acrylic tiles collection is suitable for rooms where safety comes first. Mirror acrylic tiles open up space and increase the visual dimensions of rooms. This collection provides the opportunity for an elegant combination of modern and classical furniture. In addition to the well-known mirror colour, Salex offers you new varieties, such as smoked mirror, bronze and golden mirror.

Space in the home is not what it used to be

The products of modern times actually provide limitless opportunities both for coming up with new ideas and implementing them. One proof of that is INTERIOR COMPACT. Compact Metalic boards have a metal coating and are created for surfaces which require stability, while providing the aesthetics of natural material. Their metal surface makes them more stable and gives them an elegant look at the same time. The company offers customers the opportunity to create the surface design themselves, which will then be depicted on Compact.

Among the products offered by Salex is the SENSYS hinge. In black obsidian, it combines perfect design with luxury. Sensys in obsidian black merges with the background of dark materials and remains inconspicuous.