The Easy-To-Clean technology in the modern and practical homes 2019  


Over 190 companies will participate in the international exhibitions TECHNOMEBEL and WORLD OF FURNITURE from 26 to 30 March


This year’s interior is modern and practical. Clients are even more demanding. The vision of upholstered furniture in today's practical society is upholstered furniture with easy to clean technologies, water and scratch resistant. This can also be seen by the visitors at WORLD OF FURNITURE from 26 to 30 March at Inter Expo Center. The tendency for upholstered furniture is to use natural materials such as real leather and fabrics from natural fiber. Modular furniture appears to be a topical solution for a better space optimization, as modular sofas, for instance, allow for a combination between standard and customs size.

At WORLD OF FURNITURE, every visitor can find furniture that suits his home, office, garden, hotel or restaurant style. The variety of furniture is great and the proposals vary from classic to Scandinavian style, suitable for eclectic, vintage or industrial interiors.

Innovative thermoregulating textiles for mattresses

This year, WORLD OF FURNITURE exhibitors will offer a wide variety of mattresses. In addition to orthopedic support that provides body stability, the mattresses should have a very gentle surface and a sense of no gravity. Among the highlights there will be innovative thermoregulating textiles that optimize the temperature balance throughout the night, as well as special profiles that provide free access of air through the core of the mattress. Special attention is also paid to office furniture series- both for managers and for operational office, as the variety of working chairs is impressive.

Effectiveness and design in the latest decorations of plates

TECHNOMEBEL presents the latest decorations of plates, countertops, foils and edges, furniture fronts, functional and ergonomic mechanisms, designer fittings, kitchen appliances, sinks and mixers.

Among the highlights this year there will be the demonstration of the GALILEO cooker hood - a "true genius in Italian technology". GALILEO is an invisible but also extremely functional. It features a waterproof and compact motor that ensures complete safety. Provides outstanding performance combined with a perfect design. The exhibition will also present print glasses, suitable for both kitchen backs and wardrobes, LED furniture lights.

More electrical outlets in the kitchen and turning off all the appliances with just one click

The designers will find a simple and stylish solution to the problem of the low number of electrical outlets when designing a kitchen, and how all appliances can be switched off at home with just one click.

The discussion forum " Talking of Design", organized by the Bulgarian design group CHERGA, is also addressed to the designers and visitors to the exhibitions can see the latest ideas of the CHERGA designers located in a specially designated zone. In the exhibition halls visitors will also be able to see the nominated products in the "Bulgarian Furniture of the Year" Contest, as well as to learn the names of 2019 winners, comment the organizers from Inter Expo Center and the Branch Chamber of the Wood and Furniture Industry.

For  future specialists in the furniture industry

For the future specialists in the furniture industry there will be designated a zone called "Panorama of Bulgarian Education “, while the initiative " Knowledge Race" is aimed at students and pupils from vocational high schools, while and for the youngest children there will again be a competition for children drawings - "My favorite room “.

Access to the exhibitions is possible with admission tickets, invitations or preliminary online registration, as on the last exhibition day admission will be free.

The full information and the program of the exhibitions can be found at: