Designer corporate office in the home

From 26 to 30 March at TECHNOMEBEL and THE WORLD OF FURNITURE, you will see how functional an electric work desk can be



The office is our second home and our home often becomes an office. The modern way of life requires a multifunctional interior. How to preserve our individuality in furnishing?

At TECHNOMEBEL and THE WORLD OF FURNITURE from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center, the professional public will find a range of solutions for comfort and convenience, combined with a style and individuality of their own.


Conference table, hobby and game space


The designer electric desk adjusts its height for work in a sitting or standing position and has a hidden compartment for cables. The ergonomic work desk can be used as a conference table for discussions in a sitting or standing position, as a table for board and family games, adjustable at different heights. And the table can turn into a pleasant place for your favorite hobby or one for long and pleasant conversations, with or without a drink, with the option to change the position.

Imagine an efficient and multifunctional workspace in a home office, corporate office, at home or in your summer house. It can be adjusted quickly and easily for various activities. Fast and easy height adjustment to encourage the frequent change of body position. 


Labyrinth wall unit with LED lights


Your work space at home now needs functional furniture. The Labyrinth wall unit is made of laminated chipboard and MDF. Inside, there are shelves and dividers. Shelf height is 33 cm, which makes it possible to store even binders. The color combination of anthracite and beige and the way they intertwine give the wall unit a sophisticated and elegant look. The details give the unit its individuality. LED lights are an extra feature, hidden so that they do not shine directly, but provide background lighting. The Labyrinth wall unit is equipped with push door systems, horizontal doors open with dampers and vertical doors are equipped with pneumatic hinges. The Labyrinth wall unit is suitable for a study, living room or office.

Innovations in furniture for every taste and style


At TECHNOMEBEL, the brand Häfele opens doors to new worlds by offering smart solutions. The trend in furniture can most generally be divided into two directions – low-budget furniture and furniture meeting the requirements of the most sophisticated and demanding customer. This means more comfort, more functionality, and smarter furniture.  At the exhibitions this year you will see some of the latest products developed and manufactured by Häfele. Axilo – a new, innovative plinth system, Loox – the smart lighting system, the multifunctional mirror – for additional comfort.


Visitors will also see the Hotel Assortment for hotel rooms, Slido sliding door system, a modern interior door system - Smart entrance.

Distinct furniture materials, such as the Kerrock composite mineral sheets, provide established quality and style. They provide almost unlimited design opportunities and have excellent user features and HPL by the Italian company Abet Laminati, which is a symbol of diversity and extravagance in its decorative laminate product range.

Get ready to see new ideas which will bring innovations and functionality in your daily life.