Comfort and Youthful Charm in the Kitchen

At TECHNOMEBEL and THE WORLD OF FURNITURE you will see innovative and inspiring collections of veneered oak panels.


You want to bring individuality or even youthful charm into the kitchen? You will find various design ideas at TECHNOMEBEL and THE WORLD OF FURNITURE from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center.

With its new concept, the BLANCO sink and mixer tap will bring in freshness and originality. The unique sink is made of the high-quality SILGRANIT material. With an original drainer design and large bowl, it comes together with two functional accessories – a cutting board and a strainer bowl. They guarantee maximum comfort for the modern housewife. The practical and flexible board integrates perfectly in the drainer design and the strainer bowl, which can be attached firmly to the sink bowl, is ideal for draining freshly washed spices and fruits or for holding kitchen sponges. The four colors of the accessories – yellow, orange, green and dark grey – bring a youthful accent to the kitchen.

Sink with a unique three-level design

The other exclusive element in the new concept is the compact and modern mixer tap. The ETAGON kitchen sink series sets new standards for the modern kitchen. The sink is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Thanks to the combination of integrated step and the set of rails, you can work efficiently on three levels: in the bowl, on the step and above. This turns the everyday food preparation and serving into a convenient and pleasant chore. The elegant radii, hidden C- overflow® and the innovative InFino® drain system highlight the modern design of BLANCO ETAGON.

Made of high-quality steel, the rails not only give you an interim level to work on, but can also serve for holding household sponges and brushes when stacked one on top of the other. In combination with other accessories – cutting board and strainer bowl - the sinks turn from a single bowl into a multifunctional kitchen unit.

At TECHNOMEBEL and THE WORLD OF FURNITURE, visitors will see samples of wooden racks for arranging food products and storing all kinds of materials needed in the kitchen. There will also be a choice of special wine rack offers.

Innovative electromechanical locks

For the first time, the professional public will see products by the market leader in the field of innovative and highly precise electromechanical locks in the furniture sector – the Austrian brand, PS Locks. Our idea is to replace the well-known mechanical locking systems with precise, reliable, easy-to-install and next-to-invisible locks.

It is important for high-quality furniture manufacturers to apply locking systems which are easy to install and use, simplify the locking process and do not stand in the way of design. After all, being good is only half the way to the top.

Sensational interiors strike the senses with beautiful decorative veneered oak panels. Decospan  – veneered products crafted in a creative and innovative way, which offer maximum quality to the last detail. Innovative and inspiring collections: Shinnoki, Querkus, Nordus.

High-quality panels with a style of their own

Shinnoki gives a wide range of choice from strong and high-quality veneered panels, ready to use in any interior. You have a choice of over 17 different designs of the wood, covering all styles – from classical to modern.

Querkus – the most beautiful veneered oak panels give you the opportunity to bring to life your most creative ideas in sensational interiors.

Nordus are veneered panels which audaciously follow the trend towards a more Nordic and interior design. Only the best coniferous wood, processed into finely cut veneer, has been selected for the collection. This brings out the unique beauty of the wood and emphasizes its 3D aspect. This collection embodies the Nordic way of life and charges us with coziness and warmth.

You can already feel the freshness and youthful charm in your kitchen from the offers which will inspire you at TECHNOMEBEL and THE WORLD OF FURNITURE in Inter Expo Center from 26 to 30 March.