A Table or a Chair – Innovation, Comfort and Freedom by Furnit

At the exhibition The World of Furniture Furnit will offer a different table-chair. Why is it different? The design ensures easy and smooth transformation from a chair into a table and vice versa with just a single move. One person, one hand, one smooth move. Created to the highest standards, innovative and award-winning, Seattable is designed and manufactured with special attention to detail.

It is certified by LGA (Germany), ANSI/BIFMA (USA) and JIS (Japan), i.e. it meets the requirements of International quality and safety standards.


SEATTABLE® can be stacked either in a chair position or in a table position, thus making it easy to clear the entire room or to make all available space free, if necessary.

It is no longer necessary to bring in or out chairs and tables when you need to rearrange the space for meetings or trainings, as there is no need in a special place for storing different furniture items.


SEATTABLE® is the only solution allowing for 12 work places including a table and a chair to be transformed into 24 auditorium seats within just one minute. The stacking trolley can be combined with  SEATTABLE® in the table position and be used as a lecturing desk.

No need for additional help or bringing of additional furniture in.

The offered materials and colors allow for SEATTABLE® to perfectly fit in any setting.

SEATTABLE® has an elegant and clean design; simple forms with ergonomic lines.

This is achieved in a natural way – given all the requirements for flexibility and ergonomics, when used both as a chair and as a table.


SEATTABLE® combines two completely different products - a chair and a table, and the transformation takes just one second. This product launches a completely new concept in the furnishing of training centers, libraries, universities and schools, conference halls, places for meetings and workshops, museums and galleries, public spaces, and at home.

You can learn more about the advantages of SEATTABLE® at The World of Furniture from 24 to 27 June in Hall 3, Booth A2.