Furniture for a luxury interior look

The luxury interior look is a result of properly selected furniture. This is what RALITSA FURNITURE HOUSES will show us at THE WORLD OF FURNITURE exhibition from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center.

A robot feeding an edging machine for furniture

The edging of furniture components has always been a complex process requiring knowledge of the particular item, structure, and the specific detail. These  specifics take operators’ time who need to read each production label on the details. A robotic solution, which MOS Consult will show at the  Technomebel from 26 to 29 March, aims to optimize the work processes, to eliminate human errors, and to make operators’ job  who are supposed to transfer tons of details every day easier.

A variety of woodworking machines

The company Dikar Consult OOD will present a wide variety of woodworking machines of the brand BERNARDO in the period from 26 to 30 March 2019 at Technomebel.

Easy to assemble racks – an option offered by Idea Hobby

Sometimes, to assemble the racks we need, we begin to doubt whether we need superpowers. Easy-to-assemble racks, for which you do not need anything other than desire are no longer an illusion. This will be demonstrated by Idea Hobby  at the World of furniture, which will be held from 26th to 30th of March at Inter Expo Center.

A variety of bedroom and living room furniture from Meshe

Home is the place we spend our most precious moments in, which is why it should be a place of comfort and joy. When it comes to furnishing our bedroom or living room, a variety of offers and models is always important. This is the principle Meshe Group is following during the World of Furniture from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center.

Full Comfort and Complete Rest with Bellona

We all need a well-deserved rest after a long day at work. Home is the place to relax, and the furniture in it should relax and soothe. This is what Bellona is going to demonstrate during the World of Furniture exhibition from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center.

Electric fireplaces put an end to ash and the carrying of wood

One of the coziest places in the house is that in front of the fireplace. Carrying the wood and cleaning the ash around it, however, are quite tedious tasks that could spoil that feeling. One effective solution to this problem comes from Art Flame, to be presented during the World of Furniture exhibition from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center.

GALILEO Cooker Hood – the solution for higher quality air

For most people, air something intangible, an ethereal free spirit. But at FABER, they know how to weigh it, how to measure it, work with it and shape it as a material. You can see the capacities of the GALILEO next-generation cooker hood, which combines all these functions, during the Technomebel exhibition, which will take place from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center.

Smart furniture solutions from Prodes

What is the best combination of light, sound and the smart home? This is what Prodes will show us during the Technomebel exhibition from 26 to 30 March in Inter Expo Center.


TECHNOMEBEL and WORLD OF FURNITURE will present the latest novelties from and for furniture industry from 26 to 30 March at Inter Expo Center. The international participation in the exhibitions is increasing every year and at present there more than 20 foreign companies from 11 countries, while the brands represented at the exhibitions are over 430 from 29 countries.

Нови продукти - легло и матрак Nuvola на изложение IMM, Германия

Combined innovation and convenience - TED BED

After their presentation at the Heimtextil and IMM international forums in Germany, TED BED – the manufacturer of beds and mattresses, is under preparation to take part at the biggest event in Bulgaria - WORLD OF FURNITURE 2019.

 ÐÐ¾Ð²Ð¸ продукти - легло и матрак Nuvola на изложение IMM, Германия

Customers and partners can enjoy a range of new products that match the new trends in the mattress-making industry. There is an increasing demand for even richer constructions of innovative and high-tech materials, each of them featuring a specific function that contributes to the overall comfort of the product. The purpose of the mattress is to help quickly find a comfortable position and therefore for a longer and continuous sleep.

In addition to orthopedic support that provides body stability, the mattresses should be both super-gentle, with tangible comfort and a feeling of gravity. The temperature balance is also important throughout the night, helped by the innovative thermoregulating textiles as well as the special profiles providing a free access of air through the core of the mattress.

Last but not least, the design – you will be overwhelmed, and fall in love and believe that this is your place to spend a good deal of the day. Quiet sleep is the key to spending a smiling day.

TED models will be combined with 2 completely new beds -modern looking and beautifully upholstered with soft, luxurious fabrics.


On-the-spot in Hall 4, Stand C1 you will enjoy the convenience of TED BED mattresses during TECHNOMEBEL & WORLD OF FURNITURE from March 26 to 30.


A socket within a socket

Most kitchen countertops are cluttered with a variety of appliances, from blenders to coffee makers, but we are usually out of sockets.