Oh, Home - my sweet home

Or: "The inspiration for a modern home, to be brought to us by The World of Furniture and Technomebel exhibitions from 24 to 28 April at Inter Expo Center

This is where I always feel at ease. The space where we are happy with our family and which we are completely free to modify according to our personal preferences and inspiration. Yes, this is where our heart is - Home.

The inspiration and ideas for creating and shaping the place of dwelling will be found at The World Furniture and Technomebel exhibitions. Bearing in mind the maxim that "My Home is My Castle", they will offer visitors a variety of suggestions from 24 to 28 April at Inter Expo Center. The World of Furniture allows us to inspire with countless new ideas, while Technomebel allows us to review the latest worktops and plate decorations, furniture doors, designer fittings, functional and ergonomic mechanisms, built-in appliances, mixer taps, sinks and many more.

A cozy living room means a happy home

What is the place to literally "sink in comfort"? Yes, of course - Her Majesty - The Living Room, and we get ideas about it by The World of Furniture. With incomparable pleasure, we can relax in the three-seater sofa FLOW with memory foam Galla Chester, while the drawing-room suite Forest, featuring modern design and elegant lines, creates a refined look of our home. Nice to touch. Inspired by its upholstery fabric from premium velvet. This is the Tamara drawing-room suite, including sofas and armchairs with wide, soft, rounded and comfortable armrests for greater comfort and convenience. The dining room is even more comfortable with the Hukumdar set . It consists of an elegant table and six or eight chairs. The "Diva" and "Nora" chairs are also suitable for every home. The furniture has a deep, wide and comfortable seat with a backrest, and the colors are attractively combined.

Turn on the lights!

When you switch on the light, a "Click!" is usually heard. But not this time. Because the light is already free! Blowing apart the existing concepts, the advanced lighting fixtures Heng Balance Lamps combine style, elegance and innovation and will be presented at The World of Furniture. They turn on and off with wooden beads, and the light element is built into a frame and directs the light inwards. The combination of style and light is the essence of the new product lines of lighting fixtures. A new interpretation of the harmonic magic of the crystals is found in the chandeliers of Preciosa Lighting.

The kitchen and our family

Everybody likes to eat, right? Of course, this is a rhetorical question. The THEA and THEA ISOLA hoods will give you a hand in the realization of the dream of your favorite kitchen, keeping to the idea that “Vintage is always in style “. They offer a new interpretation of the retro-hood concept. The Korina table brings some individuality to the room. You have guests? It’s OK.; Korina is extendable and can accommodate all together. This actually turns it into a suitable kitchen furniture, both for a living room and a lounge. The attention of the consumers will also be grabbed by the kitchen countertops, sinks and furnishings from natural materials.

My office

Your everyday life is busy and you often have to be in the office with your employees? The problem can be solved with the proper furnishing of the office at home. The series for managers "Lux" creates the prerequisites for an even more successful business, shaping the space through an elegant and modern design. The series is part of Draggy's furniture line and includes a desk with an auxiliary cupboard, a table and a cupboard. Customers also have to pay attention to the designer office furniture TORR and the FUGA office armchair. By demonstrating how modern technology is embedded in furniture, the visitors at Technomebel will discover new electrical mechanisms and accessories for ergonomic desks and designer solutions for decorative acoustic panels for the office.

The parquet we cannot go without

We always want to feel comfortable when we step in, right? That's why we consider parquet, that combines quality and appearance. Technomebel will present a variety of suggestions, including BAUWERK natural flooring and parquets that adds a touch of spirit and personality to every home. And something else. The wood is brought back to life! Yes, this is the case with the OSMO products for finishing the wood with oils. They provide color maintenance. The products are easy to apply and no primer or intermediate grinding is required.

The bedroom and a little more about the interior ...

When the body feels good the soul is in harmony, too. This is the philosophy of the bedroom PARIS. It has bold lines and distinct shapes and comes with LED lighting included. In order to customize the interior to individual requirements, The World of Furniture will demonstrate a new collection of fabrics in rich color combinations, the premiere of which took place at the beginning of 2018 at the Heimtextil exhibition in Germany. If they want to dynamize interior spaces, visitors will find 3D panels - decorative embossed and openwork panels made in Bulgaria. And let's not forget the walls! Technomebel gives us a choice of luxurious and elegant linings. The mosaics can be used in our house, hotel, restaurant, the exhibition hall. The attention of visitors will be attracted by the wide variety of mechanisms and fittings - for better utilization of space in the room.

Is it time to build your home? Visit the exhibitions The World of Furniture and Technomebel from 24 to 28 April at Inter Expo Center and get inspired by the ideas that exhibitors will offer you.