New dates for exhibition World of furniture

International business event will take place from 24 to 27 March 2021

In view of the state of emergency in the country and worldwide,  in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 and in accordance with the orders issued by the Bulgarian institutions, and the restrictions imposed, we would like to inform you that World of Furniture is postponed to 24-27 March 2021.

The new business environment, with complicated or ceased transport links, with orders and deliveries, delayed independently of the contractual conditions, with the impossibility to make a realistic forecast, makes us believe that in these circumstances, for a large-scale and professional edition of the World of Furniture with its full potential of exhibitors, visitors, buyers  and lecturers from the country and abroad, and all those involved in organizing and conducting a professional exhibition need time to restart the normal economic cycle.

According to the exhibition industry trends, in period from March to May 2020, there were 2060 postponed or canceled shows worldwide, of 1150 in Europe (337 in Germany only) and 533 in Asia. In this aspect, the World Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), due to global complications, has called for retaining exhibitions as safe places for meetings and doing business.

In this new environment, a flexible approach is needed to keep the performance of each sector at the necessary level for a successful business presentation.

Visitors tickets already purchased through the online registration form remain valid for the alternative dates.